Content Marketing: Optimizing Your Content

9 Different Ways To Optimize One Idea

Often times I am asked, “How do you continuously come up with ideas for content?” or “How do you give away so many tips and tricks on your blog and still make any money?” Just like you, I struggle too. It’s not easy, but when I have a really good idea, I optimize it into multiple pieces of content to share and distribute across channels.

For example, recently I did a research study for independent restaurants on social media best practices. I turned that into a two different blog posts, a whitepaper, a social ad, and a Slideshare presentation.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Video – You can start out with recording a short video giving away a few key pieces of information about your idea, but not everything. In order for them to get everything, you can give them a clear call to action to download a whitepaper or to visit your blog for more information.
  2. Podcast – If you don’t feel comfortable to record yourself on video, consider creating a regular podcast to let people connect with your voice. Many people don’t have time to read through all of the information flowing around on the internet anyway. Podcasts make it super easy for them to get information while on the go.
  3. Blog post – Breaking up your idea into multiple blog posts can be blog gold. Just don’t do it every time or it will get boring and old fast. And remember, the written word stays out there forever these days, so you can always link back to the posts in subsequent articles.
  4. Whitepaper – Have you done some research for a client? Consider putting the findings into a whitepaper to share with others what you learned. Then you can create a blog around it and have the whitepaper linked to the blog.
  5. Infographic – Just like the infographic we created yesterday on navigating SXSW, it’s easy to take information and layout it out in a way that’s fun and informative. Plus, no matter your topic, people love looking at them.
  6. Slideshare presentation – Just like  an Infographic, Slideshare presentations can tell stories in a compelling way with images and informative data your constituents want to hear. You can even embed the presentation into your blog post to make it more interactive.
  7. Newsletter – Some content is better served up in a newsletter rather than a blog post. Newsletters give you the opportunity to make your content more personal and exclusive to your audience, not to mention —  easy to share.
  8. Digital/social ad – If you have a good graphic and good content, you can create an ad for it to gain leads and prospects and turn them into customers.  Just make sure the landing page is great.
  9. Webinar – Take the whitepaper or research you did for a client and turn it into a free webinar to showcase your expertise in that area.

To create quality compelling content you need to leverage your existing content and ideas into more than just one piece of content.

What are your ideas to optimize your content?

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