Control Ads You See on Facebook with Facebook AdBoard

Facebook is trying to personalize your experience down to the ad level. Recently you saw from AdAge that Facebook will be adding Sponsored Stories to your news feed in January. Currently Sponsored Stories appears on the right side of your page. Sponsored Stories are ads from brands where your network of “friends” has interacted with that brand in some way such as like, comment, check-ins, app shares, etc.

However, recently Facebook has the new “adboard” where they show you a bunch of ads that have recently appeared on your profile and let you determine if you want to continue to see those types of ads or ads from those brands. If you don’t like a brand or an ad, you can hide the ad or hide all ads from that brand. Following your selection, Facebook asks you why you don’t want to see that ad or ads from that brand in an effort to try to deliver you more personalized relevant content. Here’s what it looks like:

Facebook AdBoard

To tell Facebook what you do like, it displays a ton of brands and you click on the ones you like. (see below)

Facebook AdBoard Likes

How do you get to the AdBoard? Click here. It will prompt you to log into Facebook if not already logged in.

So what do you think? A good idea or a bad idea on Facebook’s part?

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