Coolest Interactive Infographic Ever

First of all, besides the fact that I love infographics, this infographic is the coolest one I’ve ever seen for three reasons:

  1. It’s interactive
  2. It tells a relevant story in which we’ve all been a part of at one point in our careers
  3. It’s so full of interesting tidbits of information that at the end when it subtly pitches the product it’s selling, I’m thinking it’s not even remotely offensive, but BRILLIANT!

See for yourself. Click on the image and then use your cursor to drag the scrollbar on the right side of the screen.
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infoquest infographic


Chuck (a workerbee) is asked to get information about promotions they did last year for a meeting in five minutes. He goes on a quest to get the info for the meeting.

His first stop is Hard Drive Hell where:

  • 52% of corporate info is stored on hard drives ( — yikes!)
  • 34% of firms use USB drives to share information (— guilty!)
  • 64% of U.S. employees use external hard drives to store work information

His next stop is the Great Email Flood where:

  • 53 messages with attachments are received by employees each day
  • 65% of information in Enterprise companies is exchanged through email (—- what??)
  • 20% of emails received by workers is spam

Then he goes to Chaos in the Cloud, where:

  • 40% of employees store work files on personal cloud tools
  • 74% of companies are using cloud services today
  • 43% of the information available within an enterprise is not centrally indexed

Finally he goes to Colleague Jungle, where:

  • 60% of employees email or instant message a colleague when looking for information
  • 25 minutes is the time it takes for a worker to return to the original task after being interrupted
  • $588B is lost from the U.S. economy every year due to workplace interruptions.

Then, the sales pitch….but by this point, you’re pretty amazed and don’t mind. Am I right?



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