Dan Zarella Tells You What Works On Pinterest

Dan Zarella (HubSpot) is a social media scientist. He is well known for his data analysis on social media engagement. He has done many infographics and charts on everything from when the best times are to post to Facebook and how to get the most retweets. So it is no surprise that he has finally tackled Pinterest and what the best practices are to get more pins and repins. Take a look:

The high-level take aways are:

  1. Pin descriptions less than 200 characters have a greater chance of being repinned
  2. Pins about food are very pinnable.
  3. Images about design are the most commonly pinned.
  4. People are more likely to “like” content than comment on a pin. So aim for “likeable” content rather than aiming for comments.
  5. Taller images are more repinnable than shorter ones.

Image by HubSpot

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