Dear Google: We Have A Problem

I like to think of myself as an early adopter with technology. So when Google rolled out Google Plus, I got an invite, but it was to my Yahoo! email account. So I signed up and now I’m so invested in Google Plus that I don’t want to start over. But it gets worse. Google Plus is no longer “by invite only” and now, all Gmail accounts essentially have a Google Plus account if they so wish. Here is wherein lays the problem: I also have a Google for Small Business Gmail account, and a personal Gmail account and I can’t merge either one of them with any of the others.

This is a HUGE problem for me because often people add me to their circles via my Google for Small Business Gmail account and I don’t want to add them back because that’s not the account I’m active on.

According to Google:

“It isn’t currently possible to merge separate Google Accounts. However, if you’d like transfer your data from one account to another, this may be done on a per product basis. Or, to start using a new product, you don’t have to create another Google Account. Just sign in with your existing Google Account, and visit this list of products to get started.

If you don’t have Gmail, you can add it to your account at any time.

If you signed up for Gmail and didn’t add it to your existing account, now you have two separate accounts.

And might I mention that the list of products in which you can transfer your data does not include Gmail. Currently you can only transfer data between Adwords, Blogger, Bookmarks, Contacts, Feedburner, iGoogle, Picassa Web albums, Places (bulk upload only), Reader, and YouTube.

And, how about the last part of their help article:

Note: if you’re adding a new Gmail address to your Google Account, you can’t choose an existing Gmail username (even if you delete the other account with Gmail, you can’t reuse the Gmail username.)”

C’mon!! Eventually Google has to come up with an option here because otherwise it becomes like a bowl of spaghetti figuring out and collecting data on who I am and what I like. Or maybe I was wrong all along, maybe Google doesn’t want to become the sole product for everything that everyone uses. Maybe they would prefer I use Facebook. Aghhh!

Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone else think that eventually they need to come up with a solution?

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