Do You Think It’s A Good Idea To Link Your Twitter Account To Your LinkedIn Account?

Are You Accidentally Sharing Your Twitter Updates On LinkedIn? You could be. I used to never share my tweets because I felt that different platforms have different audiences and therefore deserved different messaging. In fact, I teach social media classes at various schools and companies across the country and I always teach them to “just say no to co-linking” your Twitter account with any other social media platform. Then, the other day I was showing someone my LinkedIn profile and almost birthed a cow when I saw a status update from me …via Twitter! What the hell?

So, I went through all of the applications on my Twitter profile and there was nothing that posted to LinkedIn. Then I went through the posts themselves to see if maybe they were coming from something specific, because not all tweets were coming through, but the majority were. Yet still, I couldn’t find the source. Then I looked at my LinkedIn settings and sure enough, I found the culprit! I had linked my Twitter account a few months back during a demo and forgot to change it back. Just goes to show you that even social media professionals get stumped sometimes.

Here’s where to check to see if you are accidentally sharing your Twitter updates on LinkedIn:

Under Settings>Profile>Manage Your Twitter Settings:

Now there are some good reasons for linking your Twitter account to LinkedIn, such as Rebecca Morgan from @FoundOceansays “We link the two – pushing Tweets to our employee’s LinkedIn profiles to help distribute press releases and company news. Our Twitter followers tend to be companies or media outlets, whereas employee profiles are read by individuals. Marketing pushes out a maximum of one tweet a week so as not to inundate people’s profiles.” And Mary Cochran says, “Personally, I have them linked but don’t include everything I tweet on LI. It’s set up to only post to twitter if I include the #IN hashtag. Usually I just use LinkedIn completely separately.”

But I tend to agree with people like Heather Anderson who says, “Personally, it drives me crazy when people link different accounts. I’m a follow of the same businesses/people on multiple platforms. I hope that they post different types of content on the different platforms otherwise, there’s no reason for me to follow them in multiple places. They say Facebook is like a get together at your house, Twitter is like a pub, and LinkedIN is like a chamber event. As a person, you talk about different content at each different location because your audience is different. Sure, there’s some cross over but you never talk about it in the same way with the exact same people.”

So how about you, do you think linking your Twitter account to LinkedIn is a good idea?


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