Email Marketing: How To Stand Out In Their Inbox

The average person sends 39 emails and receives 99 emails per day. Yet, we still want them to open our email when it arrives in their inbox.  SilverPop recently published their study on open and click through rates by industry. Depending on your industry, unique open rates varied (see chart below). However, getting people to open your email is half the battle.

For example, your ‘From’ name and your ‘subject lines’ determine whether or not someone is going to open your email. There’s a lot to be considered with both of these.

The Effective ‘From’ name

The ‘From’ name tells the reader who the email is from and over time triggers the recipient to open it. It generates familiarity with your brand and thus becomes the face of your brand.

  • Make sure the ‘from’ name is easy to recognize
  • Make sure you consistently use the same ‘from’ name so that people start to build familiarity with you brand

And, according to SilverPop, “Facebook’s “next generation messaging” system, Gmail’s Priority Inbox, AOL’s Project Phoenix and other similar inbox enhancements have added prioritization features that enable users to sort and view email according to whether the sender is a contact or connection” – so it’s important to establish the brand recognition and trust as soon as possible and to be consistent with it.

The Effective Subject line

Subject lines are a major driver in click through and conversion rates. The only advice most email programs give you is to keep your subject line under 50 characters. While that’s good advice to keep key information in the first 40-50 characters, it’s not all you need to do.

  • Create  sense of urgency with dates, deadlines, or limited availability
  • Don’t trick or mislead people to open, that will just cause unsubscribe rates to increase and lower open rates thereafter
  • Avoid using all caps or exclamation points as they may be considered as SPAM and go directly to their SPAM folder
  • Don’t forget that your email could be shared on social networks, so make sure your brand or sub-brand is in the subject line
  • Provide value in telling them what exactly they will be getting out of your email once they open it

On top of all that you should definitely look at your conversion rates (revenue, downloads, registrations, etc.) over time and see which subject lines did the best. Then tailor your new messages accordingly. You can also try A/B split testing your subject lines (sending half of your email base one subject line, and the other half another subject line, all with the same content and sent at the same date and time).

What do you do to make your company stand out in email marketing?

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