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Blogging is a buzz term that marketers throw at you and make you feel like you need to have a company blog. Everyone is doing it, right? Not exactly. First, blogs are extremely time consuming to maintain. They require strategy, planning and carefully thought out words – especially if the blog is coming from an executive within the company. Executives don’t have time for this, plus in most cultures, it’s hard to be genuine and prophetic when you are setting an example for your employees. The risk and cost of failure can be detrimental.

Blogs do not suit all business types. They are just one more strand of social media for you to manage and it might not be necessary. Find out where your customers are talking about your industry. That’s where you need to be. Blogs need to be on a regular frequency and they need to say something more than what a press release would say. They need to be informative, engaging and tell a story that a person would not otherwise find on the web about your company or industry. That’s how you build a loyal following and get people to come back to your blog.

Solution: Big companies usually have marketing or PR teams to write company blogs who are already skilled at knowing the company’s tone and style. But for smaller to mid-size companies, they turn to hire freelance writers to ghost write their blogs for them. Companies such as or have plenty of freelance writers for hire at reasonable prices.

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