Facebook adds new Comments Ad Platform

Facebook is determined to be the #1 targeted ad campaign seller. You’ve already seen how Facebook Ads has adapted “Sponsored Stories,” a way companies can take word of mouth recommendations and promote them, and “Ads with Friends“, a way to target friends of friends.  Now they’ve added a third innovative platform: “Comment Ads.” Based on much feedback from Facebook’s partner ad agencies, Facebook decided to roll out the new platform this week (June 28).

Facebook Comments ad platform

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How does it work? It will appear in the right nav like all other ads, but allows the company to pose a question to potential fans and. The fans can write a comment right in the ad space hence generating a conversation format. Once they do, it will appear in their news feed automatically, thus raising the company’s overall impression rate. And if their friends comment on the ad, then it becomes a “Sponsored Story.”

What impact does that have? It will help with PageRank and overall visibility, which can result in more fans. Talk about geo-targeting, Facebook has really set itself apart from the rest in terms of making ads more social. People will always be more inclined to engage with a brand that their friends have recommended or trust. Companies will find this invaluable.

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