Facebook Allows You To Schedule Your Posts, Sort Of

In the past, marketers and Page owners were dependent on third party applications such as HootSuite, Buffer, or Tweetdeck to schedule Tweets and Facebook posts so as not to bombard their constituents and to make sure their posts were reaching their audiences when they were online. But now Facebook has decided to allow Page managers the ability to schedule their posts for the future directly within Facebook.

As Mashable pointed out on Friday, there are a few flaws with the Facebook “scheduler”. First, you already have it and have had it since the new Timeline rolled out. You just didn’t notice the little clock in the lower right corner of each post. It’s a bit kluge in that you need to assign a year, then you get the option for month, then date, and finally time, rather than getting a full-fledged calendar.
And it’s treated the same way you would enter in a milestone and these features are not exclusive, so it will appear as a milestone in your Page’s Timeline. Not exactly what you may have been looking for. Lastly, the big thing to note is once you schedule it, you cannot edit the post. You can delete it or change the time, but you can’t actually edit any of the text.

So, it’s not a full fledged solution just yet, but it has potential if they fix the flaws.  I don’t think marketers will be rushing to switch from HootSuite, Buffer, or any of the other scheduling tools that are more robust any time soon. However, I do think this could be useful interim solution for nonprofits or small companies that lack resources and who want to schedule things like press releases or event announcements.

So what do you think, does it have a potential?


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