Facebook Announces Download Your Information and Other Improvements

Today over 10,000 people tuned in to hear Mark Zuckerberg make a big announcement. The announcement wasn’t that big. Facebook isn’t buying or selling. They created a new application, which is something they’ve been rolling out about every two weeks recently. The new application is caled Download Your Information. The goal is to let you find out and have in a snapshot view all of the interactions you’ve done and all of the applications that have accessed your information and when. They claim that you will have to identify yourself and validate that you are who you say you are before it allows you to download, but this is a scary thing to be out there. If a hacker gets ahold of your Facebook information, that could be detrimental in a lot of ways.

The other thing that they rolled out was an improvement of selective updates through groups. You can select who you receive updates from, segment your updates by friend groups. The interesting thing was that their goal of these updates and rollouts is to map all real world groups, everyone participates by making it a really super easy interface, and can be useful in many contexts. They think that this will fundamentally change the way you use Facebook today. This is perhaps probably the most useful and gives them control over the distribution of their messages. Each group is controlled by the members of the group. It works similarly to tagging photos. They give an example of where you can put a menu together and each member of the group can edit it — kind of like Google Docs.  And of course they created a 3rd party developer API that allows developers to create apps on top of groups. The groups will appear in your left nav of Facebook.

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