Facebook Call To Action Buttons on Organic Posts [How-to]

You now have the ability to create Facebook call-to-action buttons for organic posts. Previously, this was only available for paid promoted posts. Hat tip to my friend Jon Loomer for turning me onto this new feature recently.

If you currently do not use Facebook’s Power Editor for advertising, then you’ll need to brush up on that first. Jon has a great tutorial on his blog about that, here. Power Editor is the best tool you can use for creating or boosting your ads on your Facebook Page. But what you might not realize, is that it’s FREE and it also allows you to create organic posts directly from the interface. This is how you are able to create call-to-action buttons for your organic posts.

From the Power Editor, click Manage Pages and make sure the Page you want to create the post for is selected on the left side (in case you manage more than one).


From there click “Create Post” (and note that it will not publish until you click Publish Post). You’ll get a pop-up where you will fill in your information.


Fill out the fields accordingly (reference image below as to where each one displays):

  1. URL – The destination URL
  2. Post Text – The text you want to display on your post
  3. Call to Action – Choose the action from the pull-down that you want people to take when they see your post (or ad, should you convert this to an ad later)
  4. Link Headline – Bold text that appears as part of the link portion of the story (see below)
  5. Display Link – Caption that appears directly below your link (words that will be clickable to your destination link)
  6. Description – The description of the display link above
  7. Picture – You can use an image for your post from the web or you can upload one.


A few things to note:

  • Your destination link needs to be an external link. You will not get the call-to-action buttons if you try to link to an internal Facebook tab or Page.
  • You cannot update a previous post with this call-to-action buttons.
  • You can publish it right then and there or you can schedule it for later.

These are a great addition to your marketing tactics. You can use them to sell tickets to an event, download a whitepaper, sign-up for a webinar, and more. The possibilities are endless when you get your creative juices flowing!

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