Facebook Cover Photos Now Have Text & You Can Promote Your Friend’s Post

Facebook allows text on cover photos

For a while now Facebook has been trying to enforce their rule of no text on cover photos and limiting 20% text on ads and promoted posts. While the latter is still true, they are now allowing you to add text to your cover photo, but it can only take up 20% (or 171 xxxx).  And text on any actual products being advertised does not count toward their 20% text rule.

Now you can add: pricing, discounts, and more on your Facebook Page cover photo, as long as it doesn’t exceed 20% text.  (according to their Page Guidelines.)

But how is a marketer supposed to know what 20% is? According to AllFacebook, “to help advertisers figure out whether or not their images are legal, Facebook said it is developing an external version of the grid-based text detector it uses. Facebook started testing this last Friday, and will likely be rolled out to power editor users eventually.”

We can also do the math on what is 20% of the Cover Photo.

If the Facebook photo dimensions are 851 x 315 pixels then taking 20% of that would be the square root of .2, which equals 0.447214. Take that and multiply it by the length and then by the width of the photo. Your results are a little over: 380 x 140 pixels. (We rounded down when it comes to Facebook because you don’t want them to remove your Page due a technicality.)

Promote your friend’s posts – say what?

The other big news is that Facebook is now rolling out a new feature allowing you to promote your friend’s posts for $7, according to a recent Mashable article. People with less than 5,000 friends can promote their friend’s public posts for $7, and if their post had a limited audience, you could still promote it but it would limit your promotion to only you and your friend’s mutual friends.

When it would be useful is if your friend is doing a charity run or maybe selling their furniture or renting out their condo.

Honestly, and maybe it’s me, but this seems a little creepy, doesn’t it? I mean sharing is one thing, but promoting it?? This seems like it’s going to be a flop feature.

What do you think? Would you promote a friend’s post? And will you be updating your cover photo with some text?

p.s. Don’t forget to enter our contest from Friday’s post. Winner announced tomorrow.



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