Facebook Now Allows Brands to Edit Scheduled Posts

We’ve all heard that Facebook tends to penalize your content in the news feed when you use a third-party application to schedule content such as HootSuite or Buffer. After all, it’s not very social if you aren’t there to respond to people who comment on your content right away. It all makes sense, but not many brands have the time and resources to dedicate to posting and waiting around to respond to engagement on the fly. Which is why tools like HootSuite, SproutSocial, Buffer, and others are so popular.

Facebook addressed this problem a while back by allowing you to schedule your content on their network through the Facebook platform. However, the one thing that made this feature sub-par to other tools was that you couldn’t edit the text once you scheduled it. Once it was scheduled, it was stuck in your activity feed and your only choices were to post it now, leave as scheduled, or delete it. Yet, Google+ rolled out the ability edit your content in it’s initial rollout.

Well, I’m happy to report that Facebook now allows brands to edit their scheduled posts.

To schedule your post via Facebook, click the clock below your status update box, then a calendar and time slot will open up.


Then, to view your scheduled posts, go into your Activity Feed.From there, you can hover over the upper right corner of the post and click edit. This will allow you to make any corrections or tag any brands or people you wish to incorporate into your post. You can edit the text and tagging, but you still cannot edit the date and time for which it was scheduled for. If you need to change that, then you need to delete it and start over.

Edit Scheduled Post on Facebook


When you’re finished you click ‘Done editing’ and your post will go out as scheduled with your new modifications.

All in all this is a great alternative for companies wanting to keep everything inside the social network. It also allows brands who have more than one person managing the company’s Facebook page, the ability to collaborate and see what the other Page managers are posting or have scheduled to go out. ¬†There are still more improvements that can be made like the ability to modify the date and time or the ability of a WYSIWIG editor so that you can bold, italicize and underline text (like you can do with Google+ posts). However, baby steps.



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