Facebook FBML Change and How It Affects Your Fan Page

You may have heard by now that Facebook discontinued the use of FBML (Facebook Markup Language) back on January 1, 2012. FBML is Facebook’s proprietary version of HTML. Many companies who created custom pages early on created them using FBML. As of the beginning of this year, you no longer can use FBML to create custom pages or apps.

More importantly, as of June 1, 2012 FBML apps will no longer work and all FBML endpoints will be removed. What does this mean for you? It means that any custom pages that were created with FBML will cease to work. This kind of stinks because a lot of small businesses and nonprofits hired third party consultants or firms to build those pages because they had limited resources, and soon those pages will no longer work which will cost these small businesses and nonprofits money to get them fixed.

Note: that if your page was built in the Facebook iFrame app, then you’ll be fine because those pages are built using HTML.

If you are building a new application or a new landing page for your fan page or company then you’ll want to use HTML, JavaScript, or CSS.

Happy coding and hopefully this doesn’t set you back too much.


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