Facebook Gets Rid of Discussions – Thank God!

I just want to say that out of all of the crazy updates Facebook has made recently, some good and some which have you scratching your head – this one is long overdue. On October 31st Discussions tab will be gone. I never really did understand the “Discussions” tab on Facebook fan pages. It’s so irrelevant. Does anyone use them anyway?

What they want you to do? They think you should be having these discussions on your fan page wall to get people engaged. Alas, I AGREE!

What you can do.

  • Start a blog. It improves SEO. It’s free. You can set one up in minutes – literally. And if you have a savvy web person, get them to skin it so that it looks like it’s part of your website.
  • OR you could alternatively hire a developer to create a custom tab for you that allows you to post discussion topics (but  I would not waste the money on this second option).
  • You can have these discussions on your wall as Facebook is hoping you do.

Seriously consider starting a blog because that allows you to take control of your own content, add multiple images to a post if you need to and make changes on the fly – even after it’s published – all things you don’t have with Facebook.

And in case you’re interested….Facebook’s explanation:

We’ve found that the best way to encourage conversation and feedback is through posts and comments on your Wall. We’ve removed these tabs for now as we work on tools to help you moderate and filter content. Our goal is to help you can manage everything from one powerful place. Stay tuned.

On place pages with a location, fans can still write a recommendation for their friends or others from the right-column that says Recommendations.

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