Facebook New Feature: Subscription Settings

By now, you’ve probably noticed that along with Facebook’s new privacy settings rolled out a few weeks ago, last week they rolled out a new feature called Subscriptions. You should now start to see a new menu to the right on all of your friends profiles (when you go to their page, but not on your own page).

Friend Settings

The first button tells you what “list” that friend is on. It also allows you to unfriend.

how to unfriend on Facebook 2011

The second button “Subscribed” is a new feature from Facebook that allows you to determine which of the updates you see from a particular friend in your news feed. The default is “Most Updates”, and “Important” are things they change like new job, political preferences, single/married, etc. If you choose to “unsubscribe” from that person’s updates then you won’t see them in your news feed.

Facebook Subscription news feed

And, for those of you who get annoyed by those friends who play games and all you see is Farmville or Cityville updates in your news feed, you can hide just those posts from that app by hovering over the upper right corner of the message and clicking the ‘X’.

Hide app updates on Facebook

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