Facebook or Twitter, Which Fares Better For PR?

PRWeb recently released this infographic surrounding press releases and publicizing them on social media outlets. Obviously for press releases to get the maximum visibility and exposure they need to be promoted across multiple channels. But when it comes to social media, PRWeb looked at which channel, Facebook or Twitter, was better.
They say that at first they seemed to be equally matched.  But when you look more closely, Twitter actually wins out due to its propensity as the platform to scoop breaking news, says PRWeb.
Some data to note:
  • 29% of people on Twitter follow a brand, while 58% have liked a brand on Facebook.
  • 64% are more likely to buy from a brand they are following on Twitter, whereas only 51% on Facebook said they would likely make a purchase.
  • Roughly 74% of users use Facebook daily, compared to 35% using Twitter
[Infographic] Facebook vs. Twitter: Which Social Media Network Wins the PR Race?

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