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The fundamental purpose of social media (and probably Facebook’s mantra) is to share everything with everybody all the time. But what about when you don’t know your stuff is being shared? Is that a violation of your privacy? Not really, because Facebook provides you with the tools and just because you didn’t know, doesn’t exonerate you from being accountable.

Facebook privacy options are tricky. You not only need to control what you share, but also you need to monitor and modify settings about what others share – all because you let them into your network. Think increasing your friend count is important now?

Under Facebook’s privacy settings there are settings for “Sharing on Facebook” and within those settings there are settings for “Things Others Share” which seem pretty self-explanatory. However, what about Apps settings? Did you know that your information can be shared by apps that your friends use? Good grief. Here’s a list of what can be shared about you when someone you are connected to uses an application:

To modify these settings – Go to Privacy Settings (under your name), in bottom left corner is Apps Settings (image 1 below). Edit the second option within that setting called “Info accessible through your friends”(image 2 below).

image 1.

image 2.

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