Facebook’s Big Announcement: Rolls Out Lots of New Stuff

These past couple of weeks we’ve seen a lot of buzz around Facebook rolling out new features and new products. They recently started rolling out the ability to add photos to comments. (I find this a useless not to mention a nuisance of a feature, but you may find it convenient).  You can only do this on profiles, not Pages (yet).


They’ve also rolled out searchable #hashtags, which again, I just don’t see the big deal in and frankly find them late to the party on that one. Especially since they rolled out Graph Search, who really cares about hashtags. But keep in mind, this is all a way to aggregate data you are talking about. In a comment to TechCrunch, “a company spokesperson told [us] that from a privacy perspective, hashtags will work similarly to Facebook Graph Search. In other words, you’ll only see the comments that you’re authorized to see. So if I include a hashtag in a friends-only post, then my friends will still be the only ones who can see it in a hashtag search.”

Now, this morning at 9am Pacific Standard time, Facebook is hosting a press conference to roll out another new product. There have been rumors that it will replace Google Reader (which is going away on July 1st), but unlikely since many people have migrated to Feedly since Google announced it. There is another rumor that it could be rolling out something similar to Vine (which works on and is owned by Twitter and is the ability to create animated gifs — 6 second videos that repeat in a loop) as part of Instagram.

Today Facebook Announced: They are giving the ability to allow Instagram users to shoot short videos.  See this article for the update.

They also announced an update in its open graph tags where whenever someone shares content from a website on Facebook, it allows the author page to be suggested. So if you shared something from written by me, we could update it so that you are prompted to also follow my Facebook page. See the full article here.

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And do you think you’ll use any of these new features of hashtags or photos in comments?

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