4 Ways To Filter The Noise On Social Media

Social media can be overwhelming to manage, especially if you have a presence on a lot of different social networks. But I’m happy to tell you that there is light at the end of your tunnel! From LinkedIn to Twitter, from Facebook to Google Plus, you can easily sort through all of the clutter and the noise and read the relevant content you want to see.

I suppose if I were shelling out blogging advice I’d tell you to split this into more than one blog, but I just hate that shit, don’t you? (It’s like, can’t I just get everything in one place? Must I come back tomorrow to get the rest? Ugh. I hate those types of blogs.)

Anyway, I digress, here we go:


Check out LinkedIn Signal. It’s a way for you to filter through your contacts status updates by what’s relevant to you at the moment. Search by topic, industry, company, your first, second, or third degree connections only, or everyone.  You can also search by time of update (last minute, hour, day, week, 2-weeks).


Create lists. It’s that simple. I create lists of people or keywords to follow so that I don’t have to scan through the 3,000+ people I am following. It allows me to get information on topics I care about quickly, without having to sort through all of the other tweets. I could not survive without it. You don’t have to follow someone to put them on a list. Edit your profile>Click on Lists on the left nav menu> then click Create List in the upper right corner.


Choose what types of updates you want to see from your friends and the people you subscribe to. That’s the joy here. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. You can subscribe to their updates. (Of course they can see this). But the point is you don’t have to get all of their updates — only the ones you want.

So, first, if they are your “friend” already, you can choose which updates you get. Go to their profile, click on Friend, and then click on Settings. If you are not friends, and the person allows people to subscribe to their updates, then you can click on “Subscribed” and choose settings and select which types of updates you’d like to receive.


Google Plus

Use your circles, this is exactly what they are for. They allow you to put people in multiple circles if necessary. That way you are sure to see all of the updates from that category of people. You can also search for a key word or phrase in the search and since it uses Google’s search engine, you’ll get the same results you’d get from using Google Search, plus from your network on Google Plus.

So how do you filter through the noise? Do you have any other tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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