Getting Your Brand’s Content In the News Feed on Facebook

Facebook News FeedAt a recent exclusive Facebook marketing conference, Facebook eluded to rolling out the Timeline for brand pages.  However, the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm will still affect how brands get their content into their fans’ news feeds and not just a fly-by in the ticker.

Remember, EdgeRank determines the longevity of your post on Facebook. The more comments and ‘likes’, the relationship customers have to your brand, the timing of your post, whether or not the post has a photo or link or video attached – all of this is relevant. Here are a few tips on assuring your content gets into your fans’ news feeds.

  1. Post Quality Content. Try and post no more than four times per day. Unless you are a news source, over posting clogs people’s news feeds and if only one out of four of the things you post is relevant, I’ll probably hide your posts on my wall for future. One to two times a day is best practice, but no more than four times a day maximum.
  2. Be Timely. Your Facebook Insights are your best guide to figuring out when the best time to post your status updates. Look at the posts for the past month or so and see which posts garnered the most engagement or likes. See if there is a pattern with the time or the day of the week. Experiment for a couple of months. It might not be that apparent after a month’s worth of data.
  3. Post on a Trending topic. Back in August Facebook rolled out what they call Aggregated Topic Clusters. What this does is group posts together by a particular topic. So for example, if a bunch of people post about St. Patty’s Day, and then your brand posts about St. Patty’s Day, your brand will be included in a group with those who also posted about St. Patty’s Day also. For a deeper dive on Aggregated Topic Clusters, see Inside Facebook’s post.
  4. Tag others. Tagging other fans or brand pages in your post will allow your post to be seen on their wall. If others see it, there’s a good chance that they will share, comment or like it.
  5. Be Shameless and Social. Encourage others to share your content or ask them a question to engage them more. The more likes and more shares, the higher and longer your post will appear in a person’s news feed.
  6. Manual posting. It’s been rumored that Facebook gives preferential treatment to posts that are done manually rather than those done via a social media management tool like HootSuite or Buffer. I say mix it up and see for yourself. Try posting one or two manual posts per week and then measuring them against the other posts and see where they land.

Do you have any tips for getting your content in the news feed of your fans?


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Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.


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