Google+ Notification Emails and SMS

When a new social network pops up, the privacy settings are always the last thing that anyone looks at because they are usually dazzled by the bling and side tracked by figuring out how they work.

Google+ isn’t as easy as you would like it to be, but at least they are trying to learn from Facebook’s mistakes and most of their options are written in sixth grade English so we can understand them. However, there are still some flaws as we explore the “notifications” section of Google+ Privacy Settings.

Google+ allows you to get notified when certain actions happen on or with your profile.


  1. Google does make this easy enough to get to and it’s pretty streamlined. Once you are logged into to Google+ in the upper right corner you can click on your profile photo and from the drop down select “Privacy.” Now to get to Notifications, once you are in the privacy section on the left you need to pick Google+. (See below).Google Plus Email Notifications
  2. You have the option of adding your cell phone to get text messages. Interesting idea if you want to reduce your Inbox clutter. From here you have a slew of choices of how you can be notified. Mostare self-explanatory. Take a look:
    Google+ Email Notifications
    Footnote:  The “Wants to Tag me in a Photo”option doesn’t seem to be working as designed. I asked my friend whom I tagged in this drink photo and she said:

    “I got an email notification but didn’t have to approve the tag.”

    So not sure when that feature will be enabled. But it’s a nice idea. And if it is by design then it conflicts with the bottom option. So… Dear Google: Please fix.

  3. I still have no idea what in the heck “Show photo geo location information in newly uploaded albums or photos is. I uploaded two photos, one with the box checked, the other with it unchecked and they looked identical. So not sure about this one yet. I’ll update post when/if clarity arrives.
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