Google Plus Launches New Interface To Compete With Facebook

After 7 years Google finally rolls out a social network worth talking about [Google+] and within weeks of Facebook making the new Timeline mandatory for all users, Google+ changes its entire look and feel to look a little like — the new Timeline — only better.

At a high-level, here’s what’s new with the layout, profile, news, and pages:


  1. Navigation bar down the left, as opposed to up top like before.
  2. Drag and drop icons from your left navigation to appear where you want them to.


  1. Better customized profile which includes a choice of either a layout with a large photo in the background similar to Facebook’s  “cover photo,” or 5 single photos (as it currently exists) with one profile photo. Cover photo is 940 x 180 px.
  2. Profile photo is bigger than before. Profile photo is 250 x 250 px.


  1. “Sparks” was replaced with a new icon and new label called “Explore” to allow you to find out what’s new and interesting on Google+ and find new interesting people to follow.
  2. Adjust how much you see under “What’s Hot”


  1. Now Pages, Circles and Games are located in the More icon.
  2. A new easy layout to manage multiple pages. (You can still easily switch back and forth).
  3. Manage settings and managers with a click of a button.

So what do you think? Do you like the new layout? Take the poll:

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