Google Plus Remedies ‘Replies And More’

On Wednesday Google Plus developer Matt Mastracci updated the feature “Replies and more” on Google Plus. Replies and more gives you the option to add a ‘reply’ and ‘reply to author’ links next to posts, various keyboard shortcuts for muting, posting, or submitting a comment, and extra sharing options to share across multiple networks.

Sharing on Google+ across other networks has always been a tad cumbersome. However, thanks to this lovely plugin, it’s been a lot easier and now – a lot more functional.

Install it here:

For those with the extension already installed and who are anxious to use it again, you can follow these steps to update:

1. Click the wrench icon
2. Select Tools > Extensions
3. Make sure “Developer mode” is checked
4. Click “Update Extensions Now”

If you don’t already have it, then you can get in the Chrome Webstore:

1. Click the wrench icon
2. Select Tools > Extensions
3. Click Get more extensions.
4. Search for Replies and more or click this link:

It’s a great extension if you use Chrome (and why wouldn’t you use Chrome as your browser??) and these new enhancements just go to show you how much Google+ is here to stay and is being integrated more and more into Google products.


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