Google Plus vs Facebook (Infographic) and Why G+ is not just another social network

Another week in the social media sphere and a new social network to conquer. Yes, Google Plus, or G+ as most know it now, has fully rolled out and it seems they have gotten a few things right. Also, since the rest of the world is more familiar now with social networks, we are all that much smarter and wiser when it comes to setting up our network, accepting friend requests, and protecting our privacy….or maybe we just need a little tutorial.

Why G+ is not just another social network
But the real reason Google has entered the playing field is not only to make your experience better than any other social network out there, but it’s about aggregating data and targeted ads. The company or social network who can target the most ads at the end of the day – wins. It’s that simple. It’s about advertising, not about being social. Now the question is, who do you trust more with your data – Larry Page & Sergey Brin or Mark Zuckerberg?

When it comes to Google Plus (G+), although privacy is important, (we’ll cover that in a future post), many are scratching their heads saying, “I don’t really get this.” Could it be that Google is late to the social media race? Doubtful. Google doesn’t have a reputation of coming out with something someone else already did unless they can capitalize off of it and make it better. Remember AOL? Exactly.

Substitute for Facebook?
But you can see why Google Plus has some people scratching their heads. That’s because they are looking at G+ as a substitute for Facebook. It is and it’s not. It’s a substitute for those who enjoyed Facebook initially, but now that they are older and wiser, want something more sophisticated that doesn’t have all of their world’s colliding and control of their privacy. But it’s also much more. It incorporates all of the sophisticated elements that Google already has – things you love such as: you love Google Maps, Google alerts, and Google News. Well, now you have that and a whole lot more.

Infographic: Google Plus vs Facebook
The fundamental differences between Google Plus and Facebook are:

Google Plus vs Facebook Infographic

Google Plus vs Facebook Infographic

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