9 Elements Of A Great Blog

There are some blogs that keep you coming back again and again for information, news, or entertainment. Whatever the reason, if you look closely enough, blogs like,, or Likeable Media not only all have the elements of a great blog post but they all share 9 key elements of a great blog.

  1. Focused
    Great blogs are focused on a particular topic. They don’t jump topics.
  2. Integrated
    Great blogs are integrated into the overall company website so that it looks like a seamless transition when click from the blog to the website.
  3. Social Sharing
    Great blogs have plugins installed that allows the blog post to be shared across multiple social networks. However, depending on your theme, not all social sharing plugins work the same. Experiment with what works best.
  4. Subscription/RSS
    Great blogs don’t make you jump through hoops to get their information fed to you. Giving your readers  an RSS link through Feedburner or Google RSS reader or by providing an subscription to your blog link through a plugin.
  5. Images
    All great blogs have thumbnail images to reel you into the story. Good blogs’ images tell part of the story and they give credit to where the image came from.
  6. Consistency
    Great blogs publish content on a regular basis. They don’t make you wonder when the next blog post is going to be. They consistently publish on the same day(s) every week and at a minimum they publish weekly.
  7. Concise messaging
    Great blogs are concise in their messaging. They don’t write novellas or long diatribes. They use bullet points, short paragraphs, bold and italics, different font sizes, and images.
  8. Catchy headlines
    Great blogs know that an image can reel you in but combine the image with a catchy headline and you’ve got blog gold.
  9. Capture leads
    Great blogs find a way to capture your information by giving you exclusive content in exchange for your email address, a small price to pay for good content.  Then they use that to market to you on a regular basis.

Your turn: Which blogs do you go back to over and over again and why? Tell me in the comments below.

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