Guy Kawasaki’s 13 Commandments on Social Media

I had the pleasure of attending social media strategist Mari Smith’s free Webinar, Semper Social, with the legendary Guy Kawasaki on how to enchant people through social media. Hundreds of people attended and I even made some new friends through the hashtag of #enchantSM.

Guy Kawasaki's 13 Commandments on how to Enchant in Social MediaThe gist was simple, a subtle way to promote Guy’s new book “Enchantment” and I believe it worked. Below are some tips he doled out, but for more tips, get his book. (Note: I am not getting paid for this endorsement. I just think it might be worthwhile given the advice he gave during the Webinar today. You can decide for yourself.)

Seeing that he is smitten with the word enchantment, I will say that he was quite enchanting himself, despite some upfront technical difficulties. Here is what he had to say:

Some recommendations on how to enchant others through social media:

  1. Be likeable. Have a great smile, great dress, be positive.
  2. Be Trustworthy. You need to earn it, once you do, you will have loyal fans.
  3. Enchant people with great stuff such as great, deep, intelligent content or offers
  4. Always be answering. His motto is to answer “fast, flat, & frequent”
  5. Always be thanking people. It only takes a tweet or a comment and it goes a long way with the other person.
  6. Always be transparent of who you are; disclose everything.
  7. Repeat. Repeat your content because no one parks themselves in front of their Twitter or Facebook account 24×7. His method: he posts one item 4 x’s over a 32 hour period (every 8 hours).
  8. Always be subtle. If you provide good content then you earn the right to repeat your content.
  9. Always link on Twitter because Twitter is a linking community.
  10. Use StumbleUpon or AllTop to find interesting things to link to.
  11. Use Hibari (MAC only) and/or TweetRiver to filter your advanced or keyword searches to weed out the junk.
  12. Upload lots of pictures to Facebook, because whereas Twitter is a link community, Facebook folks like pictures!
  13. Any time someone comments on Facebook, you have to comment back.
So what do you think? Good stuff? Let me know in the comments below or via Twitter @tracysestili.
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