How Honda Is Marketing On Pinterest

Guest blog by Jacqueline Starz – Galpin dealer Honda of Los Angeles offers a large selection of brand new cars including the 2012 Honda CRV; a popular compact SUV that is creating a lot of media buzz on Pinterest.

Social media is currently one of the most effective and popular ways for companies to interact with prospective customers and establish their brand. Auto maker Honda is doing just that with a new campaign on the popular social media site Pinterest; a popular site which encourages visitors to pin compelling and unique images.

Time For A Pintermission

Honda’s campaign is dubbed “Pintermission” and offers selected popular pinners $500 if they are willing to take a break from the computer and actually explore some of the things they have been pinning about such as travelling to a particular destination or buying something they’ve always dreamed of.  Honda sent the selected individual personalized suggestions on what to do during this hiatus based on the items they have pinned. One person is planning to use the money to go Hawaii while another is considering a visit to London. Individuals who were chosen to participate have generally been influential with a large following. For example, selected Pinterest user Jonathan Lo, has well over 700,000 followers.

Rewards On Both Sides

The lucky winners are also provided a complimentary Honda CR-V during their time off from Pinterest. The CR-V is a popular compact and affordable SUV that is especially popular with women. Pinterest’s audience also happens to be primarily women, which makes it the perfect site to advertise this particular vehicle. In return, Honda received tons of press and user generated media buzz from the top pinners since many pinned about their experience or blogged and tweeted about it. As a result, Honda’s campaign succeeds in getting users to create buzz for them.

A New Visual Medium With Pinterest

In addition, the auto company is also actively pinning photos of its many popular cars and linking the images back to their homepage. Many companies are driving traffic to their homepage using this method. Some are even finding that the amount of visitors from the popular social media is exceeding that of other referrers including search engine traffic.

Large companies such as Enterprise Car Sales as well as smaller local auto dealers are both able to take advantage of this medium for marketing purposes. Honda’s campaign proves that even products with a traditional male consumer base, such as automobiles, can be marketed successfully on a site with a dominant female user base such as Pinterest. Since Pinterest is a visual medium, companies need to be extra creative when devising a marketing plan.

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