How Pinning Has Become Winning In The Social Media World

Guest blog post by Katie Dickerson, Social Media Advocate

You’re delighted that your nephew made the honor roll. You’re happy that your college roommate found a Welsh pony in his FarmVille nursery barn, and yes, the Berks Dog meme still makes you smile. It’s just that the near-constant barrage of status updates and reposts gets old after a while.

You might be ready to join the legions of online users pinning their hopes on another form of social media.

In April, Pinterest reached No. 3 on the list of most popular social media internet websites, trailing only Facebook and Twitter. Between September 2011 and February 2012, Pinterest’s number of monthly unique visits grew by nearly 900 percent.

It seems like the only thing hotter than Pinterest right now is speculation about how Pinterest got so hot.

Exploring the Pinterest phenomenon

The PR and content strategy firm Column Five recently produced an infographic addressing the question “Why is Pinterest So Addictive?” The research points to the following reasons:

  • Less is more: Pinterest’s simple design lets users scroll through content easily, and the presentation isn’t cluttered with an overabundance of icons and buttons.
  • Facebook fatigue: As suggested at the outset, perhaps Pinterest users are seeking some relief from tracking minute-by-minute updates on other sites.
  • Images are everything: Pinterest caters to the digital hoarder in all of us. From cute cupcakes to ’80s hair-band fashion, you can find a huge variety of visuals on the site.

Column Five also points to the fact that you can post content to Pinterest without actually accessing the website. So if you’re at the park, using your laptop with CLEAR 4G wireless coverage, you can simply use an app or a browser plug-in to pin and re-pin.

Open for business

In addition to individual users, many businesses have also found a comfortable home on Pinterest.

McDonald’s, for example, is credited with making deft use of its presence by pinning about subjects other than food — like its support for Olympic athletes and its Ronald McDonald House charity program.

More than 250 brands have joined Pinterest. If the current trends continue, look for that number to rise.

Finding a void to fill

While Pinterest does hold down third place among social media sites, it remains a distant third to Facebook and Twitter. It’s still a great story for the freewheeling digital age, though — a venture that found a void to fill and gave online users a lot of enjoyment in the process.


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