How To Authenticate Your Facebook Page

Oh how this has caused so many Page owners angst. In two previous posts on merging duplicate pages, I wrote steps on how to merge duplicate pages and what the difference between Name and Username was on Facebook. However, despite the instructions, the posts are still garnering comments months later. This time the question that has come up is how do you authenticate a page?

I’ve done some scrubbing around the internet and here’s what I found out:

To get the ‘Merge duplicate page’ option you have to:

  • Have theName (not vanity URL) be exactly the same, and note that you cannot change the name if you have more than 200 likes.
  • Have the address be the same, which means it will populate a map and then you may need to return 24 hours later for it to take effect.
  • Be an Admin (with job role as Manager),
  • Have the voice be your personal profile. This is the thing that has been getting most people tripped up lately. You MUST be logged in under your personal account. When you navigate to the page check the VOICE (next to your name in upper right). If you the voice is set to the Page you will not see the Merge option. The voice must be set to your personal profile.

Note: You cannot merge more than 5 Pages. End of story. If you have more than 5 you are out of luck. 

Don’t have the Merge option? Need to authenticate?

If you didn’t get the Merge option under the Resources section (Edit Page, Resources), then you may have come upon one of these links which asked you to authenticate your page before it merged. These links are applications by unknown third party developers.

According to the Social Animal they say that if you haven’t authenticated your page, you should be able to see in the drop down menu from clicking on the gear icon, something that says “Protect Your Page”. (I have not been able to replicate this but it could be because I’ve already authenticated every Page I own or manage).

You have a Place Page that you did not create but still want to merge:

Now, what if you have a Place page that you didn’t create and would like to claim it? (Usually this happens because  someone tried to check-in to your business when there was no existing Page so Facebook automatically created a “Place” page for you). If this is the case then you need to:

  • Click the gear icon   and select “Is this your business” from the drop down menu. Fill out the relevant information until you are prompted with verifying you own that business.
  • Then you can verify your connection to the business via email or uploading a document.
    NOTE: Facebook claims that it will take them at least a week to verify you as an owner. 

If all else fails, report the Page as a duplicate.

Lastly, the option you have if you still don’t have any luck is that you can try reporting the Page as a duplicate. (NOTE: you only see this option if you are not an Admin of the Page).

How to report a Page as duplicate of another:

  1. Copy the URL of the Page you want to keep.
  2. Navigate to the Page you want to report as a duplicate
  3. Click on the down arrow next to the gear icon and select “Report Page”, then choose Report Page as Duplicate and paste the URL in of the Page from step 1. (see images below).


I hope this is helpful.  If not, you may find the comments from others in one of the other two posts (listed in the first paragraph above) helpful.  If you’d like to hire me to solve your merge issue, please use the Contact Us page above. Good luck.  Please let me know if you hit any other roadblocks in the comments below.



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