HOW TO: Build Your Email List and Turn into Leads

build your email listAs I’ve said in the past, building your email list is your business’s bread and butter. Social media is a great tool, but if those social networks disappear tomorrow, you have no way of staying in touch with those customers or prospects.  In order to build your list you need to generate traffic to your opt-in form via your other marketing channels such as social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc), digital ads, blogging, articles, or print ads.

The point is, if you work hard to put out quality content to get people to your website, you better be collecting their information.

Differentiate the way you collect email addresses:

  • Collect with free downloads of cheat sheets, whitepapers, case studies, etc.
  • Collect with a widget on your side navigation bar (if you have one)
  • Collect with a widget at the bottom of blog posts (see the bottom of this blog post)
  • Host a webinar to collect email addresses (then be sure to follow up)
  • Use Hellobar or a slide-in-bar

Consider changing up the language to appeal to different groups or different business types.

For example, we do social media for small-mid sized businesses, agencies, and nonprofits. Some of our content for small businesses might be applicable to nonprofits but not the way it’s currently packaged, so we may want to tweak our message a little differently to engage those constituents.


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