How To Create An Event Using Google Plus Events

As we announced on Thursday to our eBlast list, Google Plus rolled out a new feature called Events to the social network. This is another stride forward in keeping up and competing with Facebook. As you know, Facebook Events have been around for years and nonprofits and companies often created events on Facebook to announce to their constituents important gatherings, fundraisers, and meetings. When Google Plus successfully rolled out Google Plus Pages back in November, it was a huge win for the media giant. But it was missing events and now that’s all fixed too.

So how do you create an event on Google Plus?

  1. On the left nav you now have an icon called “events”. Click on the icon. Then click on one of the red buttons to Create Event.
  2. Pick a theme by either choose from a stock image, choose some stationery, or by uploading your own image.
  3. Enter your event details. You can include date, start and end time, location which will link to Google maps. You also have Basic features where you decide whether you want others to be able to invite other people or upload photos.
  4. Advanced Settings: Use Google Plus Events to do an online events only using Google Plus Hangouts or post an event online so that anyone can see it (on air). You can also add additional fields for ticket sales, website URL, YouTube URL, and transit and parking information.
  5. When all of your details have been entered, click Invite.

Are you excited? What will you be using Events on Google Plus for? Tell us in the comments below.

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