Are Your Facebook Fans Hiding Your Posts?

FB_Hide_PostsHow to measure: Are Facebook fans hiding your posts?

Measuring your Page’s Facebook performance may seem like a daunting task, but one that needs to be done if you want to make sure you are not wasting your time. The formula for whether or not Facebook EdgeRank is working in your favor depends on a lot of factors including from fan engagement to post type. But Facebook EdgeRank also factors in negative feedback. Now you might be wondering, there isn’t a ‘thumbs down’ icon on Facebook so how would Facebook measure negative feedback? Well, for each post you can view the Engagement metric which gives you photo views, videos plays, and link clicks. It also gives you the number of people who gave you negative feedback. Posts with high negative feedback will have less exposure in the news feed through EdgeRank and pages with a high average of negative feedback will have less and less reach over time. So it’s very important to know whether or not your Facebook fans are hiding your posts.

How does Facebook quantify negative feedback?

Facebook quantifies negative feedback as the number of people who have either a) hid your post, or b) unliked your page. You can view the “negative feedback” by click on the Overview page and click on the post’s Engagement number:

facebook fans hiding your posts

However, the only way to actually see what action the user took is to export the data by post level:

facebook fans hiding your posts

Once you export the data, click on the tab in the Excel spreadsheet that says “Lifetime Negative Feedback.” ¬†Then look for the post by link or by post name and follow it across to see which action was done on that particular post and by how many people. This will give you an indication if your post was highly offensive, boring, or just not relevant to your customers.


Have you previously factored this into your overall Facebook metrics? I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you would do if you saw that people were hiding your posts or unliking your page from a specific post?


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