How to Find a Job Using Twitter

The economy has been tough since 2008 and these days, recruiters are looking for the cream of the crop. Unlike previous years where recruiters would go by the list of “requirements” and hope to find some good candidates, these days they are also looking for candidates that have those “preferred” or “nice to have” skills.

We all know LinkedIn is a good place to find a job, but what about Twitter? According to a recent survey by Jobvite, 45% of recruiters use Twitter to find talent.

As a job seeker, what can you do to find those jobs? Let’s take a look:

  1. Tweetmyjobs. This website allows recruiters to post a job and allows you to search for a job.
  2. Hashtags. Many times recruiters or companies post jobs with specific hashtags such as: #jobs, #careers, #hiring, #jobsearch. And on the flip side, when you post you are looking for a job, be sure to post or even put in your bio #forhire or #hireme.
    Finding a job on Twitter using Hashtags
  3. Create a job list. Use the list feature in Twitter to pull in anyone that posts the words “Job description” or “Job postings” or “careers”, that way you can see all job listings at a glance every day. You can even make the list private. See last week’s post on creating Twitter lists.
  4. Follow companies. It costs companies to post to job boards like LinkedIn and Jobvite, but it’s free for them to post a job on Twitter and Facebook, so follow the companies you are interested in to get the inside scoop and possibly a head start before the rest of the resumes come flowing in.

Have any other tips? Add them to the comments section below.

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