How To Get Facebook Certified As A Preferred Marketing Developer

Facebook recently announced that they don’t want you getting burned or scammed by so-called “social media experts.” Instead they encourage you to go through their Preferred Marketing Developer program  (PMD) and scan their directory for certified consultants/agencies who have been reviewed and approved by Facebook. Their directory tool allows you to search by location, expertise, feature, business model, and whether they serve small, mid, or enterprise-sized customers.

In exchange, marketers who apply for certification and who meet all of the criteria (below), get to display pretty badges on their website along with being listed in the Facebook PMD directory.

What does this mean for the small business owner or nonprofit?

It means that Facebook wants to make sure they spend their marketing dollars on its platform and have a positive experience while doing so. However, this can cost more money by going through a bigger agency rather than an individual consultant or smaller agency.


Getting certified

It’s not that easy to get certified. Facebook wants to make sure you have full-on experience and capabilities with each badge area: Pages, Ads, Apps, and Insights.

For Pages, since it’s the home for fans and a community to interact with a brand they want to make sure that you are familiar with their Pags API documentation. Here are some examples of what you need to be familiar with:

  • Page Management and Publishing
  • Community Management and Moderation
  • Facebook Places Management and Integrations
  • Stream apps (typically taking advantage of flash)
On top of being familiar with these things, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Policy compliant
  • Multiple functions (moderation, posting, marketing, CMS, CRM, customer support)
  • Can manage OG objects (not just Pages)
  • Can manage ads (not just objects) – with tight integration to Page/object management and reporting
  • Multi-level permissions (for admins and workers)
  • Excellent analytics on posts, fans, and social business
  • Simplifies experience of complex FB marketing
  • Workflows between admins/workers/corporate/local etc.
  • Impact – You already have several top brands using your tools, or have thousands of smaller businesses using them.
For Ads, since they drive conversations and amplify media messages, it’s important to demonstrate successful metrics because you will need to provide your Facebook Ads account when applying for this certification badge. Some examples of success factors are the ability to do:
  • Mass Ad Creation & Bulk Uploading
  • Multivariate Creative & Target Segmentation
  • Creative Rotation
  • Auto Bid Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Cross Channel Click Path Attribution
  • Customized Reporting
  • Multi-Generationl Like/Share Attribution
The criteria for Ads:
  • Policy compliant
  • Supports all ads products (including social ads and Sponsored Stories)
  • Shows clear proprietary value above and beyond Facebook’s native tools (Ads Manager, Power Editor, etc.)
  • Supports all applicable features within 90 days of API availability (ad types, metrics, etc.)
  • Shows all Ads Manager dashboard metrics (at a minimum) in API tool dashboard (support new dashboard metrics within 90 days of any Ads Manager changes)
  • Separate reporting for Facebook and other online marketing channels
  • Terminology consistent with language in Facebook’s native tools
  • Follows Facebook’s authentication guidelines
  • Gate-keeps access to application (login and password)
  • Separate app_IDs for white-labeled applications
  • Separate account IDs and group accounts (only one end-advertiser per ad account)
  • Freemium products limited to 50 ad creatives per day, requires cell/email verification, prohibits affiliates, mechanisms to gate accounts that violate Facebook policies

And there is criteria for Insights and Apps as well. You can view the full criteria on how to get Facebook certified and the various badges here.

If you feel you meet all of the criteria, then you can apply for the four badges through their online form.



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