How To Get More People to Follow Your Company on LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn Company page but no one following you? It’s hard to justify updating your LinkedIn company page and doing Company status updates on a regular basis if you only have a handful of people following your company. In a recent survey, we found that most people don’t go back to the company page to interact with it after they’ve liked it. Most depend on engaging with the company via their news feed.

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However, don’t give up just yet. Just like Twitter, no one wants to follow a company who doesn’t tweet or post. So you need to start somewhere. As Hania Whitfield said, “A company page will have more value the same as any other online presence based on how frequently they post. Company page posts will show up in followers news feeds. I have noticed that most companies do not actively post, therefore they are invisible to their followers by default.

7 Things You Can Do to Increase Followers on your LinkedIn Company page:

  1. If you start posting, they will come. Post updates more frequently. Try to post at least twice a week.
  2. Beautify your page. Add rich media to your company page such as products, video, and images.
  3. Make it official. Announce it in an eBlast or your newsletter that your company is on LinkedIn and tell them why they should follow there and what you’ll be posting. Make it enticing.
  4. Get the rest of your team to get on board. Encourage employees to add it to their email signature alerting people that they interact with outside the company that your company is on LinkedIn
  5. Cross promote. Use your existing social networks to announce that your company is on LinkedIn.
  6. Add it to your website. Add it to your website with a clickable icon that makes it easy to follow.
  7. Print it. Add it to printed collateral, such as your business cards.

The point is that you have to tell people you are there or else they’ll never know. Don’t assume that they will look for you there. Second, you need to tell people why they should follow your brand on LinkedIn, what makes it different than following you on other social networks.

And just for fun, did you know that Social Strand is on LinkedIn? :-)


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