How to Get Unstuck from Writers Block

typewriterSometimes when you are writing content for your company you just get stuck. You sit there and wait for inspiration to come and hit you upside the head and it never comes. Depending on what you’re writing will depend on where you look for inspiration.

  • Writing a book? Try reading a book on a similar topic.
  • Writing a blog? Try scanning other blogs or Googling similar blogs or topics. Take a new angle at something someone else has written.
  • Writing a newsletter? Try scanning news articles online about your topic or scanning a magazine. (There’s a magazine for every topic out there).
  • Writing a presentation? Try scanning SlideShare.
  • Writing an advertisement? Try scanning YouTube or leafing through a magazine.
  • Writing an obituary? Scan obituaries or quotes about life, hope, inspiration.
  • Writing a speech? Search for graduation speeches on YouTube by celebrities or videos on TED. TED Talks are chock full of inspiration. Also, Google inspirational quotes on your topic.
  • Writing an article? See what others are saying. Scan news articles about the subject or put a poll out there on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to get people’s opinions. Find a group and ask a question to spawn conversation and then take their answers and write from that angle.
  • Writing a thank you letter? Google “thank you letter” and a bunch of inspiration will come up.
You can also talk to your imaginary friend. Pretend you are giving a speech about your topic and answering the questions of why you chose that topic and what inspired you to write it this way.
What are some of your secrets? Share them below so the rest of us can benefit.
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