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Recently Umpf, a PR and social media firm based in the U.K.,  posted an infographic (below) about how Google Plus is a ghost town and how the four major social networks: Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn stack up against one another in terms of your content getting shared on them. According to Umpf, your content is more likely to get shared on Twitter (33x), Facebook (7x), or LinkedIn (2.5x) than Google Plus.

Facebook with 955M users (as of July 26, 2012) comes in second in terms of sharing, while Twitter comes in first. For every 100M users, the average number to likely share a story on Facebook is 41.8, while the average number on Twitter is 197.3 – significantly higher. LinkedIn comes in third at 15.2 and Google Plus comes in fourth at 6 people likely to share a story.

And if you look at it by industry type, Facebook leads in all of the 5 categories displayed with the total % of shares. But some of the other networks were coming in a close second. For example, for Business related stories, Facebook leads with 45.7% (of shares) vs Twitter at 32.1% and LinkedIn at 19.5%, but this could be because of the sheer amount of Facebook users compared to the others.

In general, their conclusion is that if you want your content to go viral, it’s not going to happen on Google Plus right now.  However, I wouldn’t abandon Google Plus just yet.  I think people spend more time on Facebook and Twitter because that’s where their friends and family are hanging out. Google Plus has been up for just over a year and they’re probably closer to 200M now (the 170M is from April on their blog). Give it another year and then let’s talk.

Infographic and research below by Umpf social media agency




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