How To: Hide Your Connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn ornamentMany people assume that because you sign up for social networks you need to share your friends list or connections with everyone. However, that’s simply not true. I do social media marketing for a living and I only display my connections to myself on LinkedIn. In fact, often times when I speak to law firms and other service professionals, they are apprehensive about getting on LinkedIn because they don’t want to expose their connections, a.k.a. their client list, to competitors. While some may disagree and think that it is the antitheses of LinkedIn, it’s perfectly understandable on why someone would not want to share their connections on line with the world. The good news is it’s easy for you to hide your connections on LinkedIn so that either only your connections can see them or only you can see them.

Here’s how to hide your connections on LinkedIn:

1. Go to your Settings:


2. Click on Profile>Select who can see your connections:


3. In the pop-up, select either Only Connections or Only You.

LI_who can see my connections

And voila! By selecting Only You, no one can see your connections, not even your own connections. If you select Your Connections, then your 1st degree connections can see your connections.

One last question for you, we’re curious, of those of you who have followed a company page on LinkedIn, how many of you go back to visit any of those company pages?


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