How To Hide Your Page Likes On Facebook Timeline

Did you know that when you “Like” a brand’s page it shows up on your Timeline in the Likes tab, otherwise known as Favorites. With the new Timeline, you may have not realized that you can decide whether or not some of those pages you “like” show up on your profile or not. You can also hide your activity, although presumably you did that before you converted.

Why would you want to do that? Well, let’s say that you read the book Fifty Shades of Grey and you liked the Page, Facebook automatically added that to your Favorites under Books. Now do you want everyone such as your boss or co-workers to know you are reading hot steamy smut? Of course not! So here’s your chance to hide it.

The Favorites that you like have individual custom privacy settings and are categorized as: music, books, movies, television, games, athletes, sports teams, favorite sports, activities, interests, inspirational people. However, at the bottom of that list is a link that says “Other Pages You Like” and a discreet down arrow button. You’ll follow the same steps below to hide all of your pages.

How to hide your page likes on Facebook

I liked two of the singers on The Voice but let’s say I didn’t want people to know that I watched the show. (I don’t really care, I love The Voice). When I went in and liked Juliet Simms and Tony Lucca’s fan pages it automatically “publicly”added it to my Favorites under the Likes tab and it does that for all of your Likes. If I didn’t want others to see it, here’s how you change it:

1. Click on your Likes tab and then roll your mouse over the right side so that the Edit button appears. (tricky)

2. Using the drop down menu, select either Custom or Only Me.


3. Now if you scroll down the list of Favorites, just before you get to Likes, you’ll see “Other Pages You Like” and it also has a drop down button where you can customize the privacy setting for the rest of your Liked Pages.

4. When you are finished, click ‘Done Editing’. And now it’s no longer on your public timeline.

Keep in mind, the number of ‘Likes’ in your Favorites will not change, they just won’t show when someone clicks on your ‘Likes’ tab.

Personally, I recommend limiting these settings to Only Me or, to Custom if you are really sure of who you want to see them.

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