How To Maximize Your Company’s Profile on LinkedIn

If you have a company, sole proprietorship, nonprofit organization that you are managing, it is essential that you set yourself up on LinkedIn. Why? Because it’s a free billboard to advertise your business. If you haven’t set up your company page, click here to do that first.

What can you do on your LinkedIn company page?

1. Alas, you can now post status updates for your company so that everyone who is following your company will get those updates. Up to 600 characters, include links and multimedia.


Be sure that the company profile information is set to “Designated users only” and be sure to designate at least one admin to be able to post updates for your company.

2. You can highlight every time your company or nonprofit is in the press, but turning this feature on (news module) and it will display in your company profile. On Overview page, click edit and scroll to the bottom.

3. You can advertise that you are hiring or that you have volunteer positions available in the Careers tab. ($295 for 30 days)

4. You can highlight up to 3 products/services in a rotating spotlight carousel (images need to be 640 x 220 px).


*You can create custom views of your products page to be tailored to specific audiences.

5. You can add your RSS feed from your blog so that it displays below the list of your employees.

6. You can curate recommendations on your products and services right in your company page. (You can ask for recommendations from within your network.)

So what are you waiting for? GO!

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