How to Merge Multiple Facebook Pages

When I published the post last week on how to convert your personal profile to a fan page, I got asked if you could merge a personal with a fan page? The answer is no. You also cannot merge a group and a fan page. However, you can merge two pages together, IF one of them is a community or place page.

For example, sometimes you see companies have what looks like a Wikipedia page on Facebook. This is a community page or place page. Usually businesses set this up early on when they weren’t sure what to do with Facebook and now have two page accounts on Facebook. No need. You only need one presence. If you have a community page and a fan page, your best bet is to combine them to make it easier for prospects and customers who are doing a search for your business on Facebook. Remember, it’s all about making it easy for them to connect.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Click Edit Page on the page you want to KEEP.

2. Click on Resources (in left nav)

3. Click on Merge Duplicate Pages (you will ONLY see this if the other page has the EXACT same name and if you are the Page Owner of both pages)

4. When the pop-up box appears, check the box and then click the button to Merge pages. NOTE: There is no going back once you do this.

See the benefits of doing this below image.

Here’s what the steps look like:

The benefits of doing this are:

1. You’ll only have to worry about managing one page instead of two

2. You’ll instantly increase your number of fans on your fan page.

3. It will be seamless to the fans of the other page and you’ll appear in their news feed like you have been. For tips on how to make sure you appear in their news feed, see this previous post.

NOTE: (6/19/12) – If you do not see the merge option, then try clicking on the wheel icon next to the “Like” button of your page that you don’t want to keep and report the page as a duplicate.


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