How To Opt-Out of LinkedIn Sharing Your Info in Ads

The news was buzzing today about how LinkedIn made an appalling move that auto-opted in 100M users to share their private information through their LinkedIn Ad platform, all through an itty bitty blog post. Which really begs the question of who is going to win the social media war? I voted for Google. Who do you vote for?

Here’s how you opt-out of LinkedIn Ads:

1. Log into LinkedIn and in the upper right corner click your photo and choose “Settings”

Opting out of Social Advertising on LinkedIn

2. From there click “Account”.¬†Under Account Settings choose Manage Online

Opting out of LinkedIn Social Ads

3. Uncheck the box. Save settings.

Opting out of LinkedIn Ads

You’ll notice that there is also a setting right under this one that says, “Turn on/off enhanced advertising” and this just takes into account your industry, job title and seniority and then customizes ads that are served up to you based on those criteria. This is a personal preference. LinkedIn is going to serve you up ads anyway, the question here is do you want them to be relevant or not.

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