How To: Organize LinkedIn Contacts

Learn how to organize LinkedIn contacts in this easy tutorial

Executive LinkedIn WorkshopI don’t know about you but when someone who I don’t recognize sends me an email or a tweet, I usually check to see how I know them by going to LinkedIn. But sometimes it’s not super clear by just looking at their profile information on how it is that I actually know them. Did we meet in person? Or were they part of an online group? Did I go to college with them?

To help streamline and organize my contacts on LinkedIn, I simply create tags and then add those tags to the people I am connected to. This is available to anyone who has a LinkedIn profile (this is not a paid feature).

In the top navigation menu under Networks>Contacts, I click on “Manage” next to Tags and it brings up a pop-up (note: you’ll need to turn off pop-up blocker for this).

LinkedIn_Organizing Contacts


From here, I type in a tag in the box and click the blue button, Add New Tag, then click Finished.

Then I search for the person I want to add tags to and click Edit Tags.

LinkedIn Edit Tags


I find this really useful to create tags for conferences or networking events so I can keep track of how I know folks. The trick is to keep up with it. Just like you organize your Rolodex or contacts on your phone or in email, is exactly what you do here.

If you want to see the video on how to do this, click here to watch it on the YouTube channel.

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