How to Pitch Mommy Bloggers

Do you have a product or service that meets the needs of moms all over the world? Targeting mom bloggers is a tad cliche, but given most women make the buying decisions in the household, if your demographic is moms then it seems appropriate.  What I’ve read recently is that mom bloggers don’t just blog about products and services, they blog about lifestyle, their kids, and deals to be had. They also have come to know the power of their voices and some even expect something in return for a positive product review.

But you can’t just hard sell a mom blogger. Most mom bloggers have ethical rules around whether or not they accept swag and just like any person you network with, they like to be schmoozed too.

Here are 5 tips to help you break into the mom blogosphere and pitch your product.

  1. Do your research. Read some of their blog entries, don’t just scan their home page. Time consuming, but worth it. Because if you aren’t familiar with what they write about and you pitch them inappropriately you risk them writing a negative review – zoiks! And speaking of pitching them inappropriately…#2
  2. Check their ethics policy. Most bloggers have an ethics policy that tell you whether or not they take samples or payments for product reviews. Some don’t take press releases either.
  3. Don’t under estimate the small blog. This is probably the best tip I can offer. Small blogs usually mean that they have a dedicated following and that the mom has a relationship with her readers. They trust her. She engages with them. This will go a long way.
  4. Give them something to talk about. Mom’s want an experience to write about, not just FYIs or ‘check out this product’ news. If they don’t accept swag or free samples, consider sending a link along to a video about your product. But most importantly – tell them why they should review this product (whether increase readership, improve their life, improve their child’s life, etc.)
  5. Respect dates. Moms live and die by calendars and schedules. So you can’t have a product launching in a few weeks and expect a timely response. Also if you have a product that is holiday specific, think about when do mom’s actually think about that holiday. Whether it’s Halloween costumes, birthday parties, or Valentine’s Day, moms like things to be perfect for their families which requires planning ahead.
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