How To Promote A Contest on Twitter With A Custom Tweet Button

Twitter contests are pretty popular when it comes to creating buzz around an event, product, or giveaway. To generate the most buzz brands usually ask that you follow them and retweet something with a specific hashtag, similar to our upcoming contest this Friday, April 20th.  Another form of a contest is to be the first to @reply to a trivia question. However, for this blog I want to cover the former.

Make it easy to share on Twitter

Remember, if you want your contest to be promoted on Twitter, you need to make it easy for them to share it on Twitter. The Social Media Examiner recently made good use of this tactic by offering three (3) tickets to their Social Media Success Summit. (BTW, the deadline for that contest is April 20th and the button to enter is in the example at the bottom of this post).

You can always insert social media sharing buttons or a Tweet MeMe button to have people tweet the page. However, what the Social Media Examiner did was give people a Twitter button with pre-filled-in text that had exactly what they wanted it to say with the hashtag and all.

Why this is smart:

  • It allows you to customize your message to be exactly what you want your campaign message to be.
  • It allows you to add your own #hashtag to easily track the contest entries.
  • You make it super easy to enter the contest with one mouse click; and making it easy can make it go viral.

For example:

Here’s the graphic for the Social Media Examiner contest on the right. Click to enter it. See here for official rules.

retweet this

How do you add this type of button

1. Copy and paste this code and then we’ll make some adjustments:

<a href=”″ target=”_blank”><img src=”″ alt=”retweet this” width=”137″ height=”88″ /></a>

2. Be sure to put plus signs (+) in between each word of your custom message. Example: “Follow+my+company+for+a+chance+to+win+great+prizes”

3. Your URL should be customized through a URL shortener, preferably one you can customize such as or so that you can track your contest entries and progress.

4. Be sure to have a good graphic.


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