How to Promote Your Writing Using Social Media

Yesterday I was on LinkedIn checking out some of the group conversations and it was better than the Sunday paper. When I got to the Books and Writers group I was pleasantly surprised by someone’s great idea to post their Facebook pages for their books and suggested that they all like one another’s pages. What a great idea! But then I looked closer and noticed that there were 144+ responses and only a small percentage had claimed their Facebook username for their book fan page or author page.  Here was the post that started it all.

I posted a response to everyone because being a freelance writer I always want other writers to be successful and book promotions can be a tough paper route. Jane Rowan (post above) was smart enough to take my suggestion. Her new fan page is: (personally I would have made it just, but that’s a personal preference.

I am sure Jane got caught up with the grammar, lowercase and separate of words in the url. But URLs are not case sensitive so it doesn’t matter. Jane could make her url and even though it will automatically become lowercase and look like this:, she can still write in upper case when she forwards it on or puts it in her email address. (Example: – although I don’t think that the author’s name necessarily needs to be in the title. Remember the golden rules of urls – keep it simple!

The good news? Jane can change the name of her Facebook fan page up until she has 100 fans, and then it’s in stone. No more changing.

I’d like to thank Jane (whom I don’t know personally) for not only inspiring this post, but for inspiring me to make a presentation for writers to be able to download for free on how to promote their writing (available on the resources tab). For more information on Jane’s book River of Forgetting, click on the picture above to take you to her website to learn more. Thanks Jane! p.s. Shawna Hansen – get a fan page for your author page, not a group.

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