How to Repurpose Your Blog Inventory

Mike Sansone

Guest blogger Mike Sansone is author of ConverStations and Co-Founder of the Dialing 8 Project, his passion is to build community – offline and online. He earns his keep as a Conversation Conductor by helping companies and professionals amplify their reach, relationships, and revenues using various forms of media.

It takes great effort to maintain a good blog. Some face writer’s block, some face time management. And still others may have yet to develop belief in themselves. Whatever the hurdles are, resilience and perseverance are necessary qualities.

If you possess those disciplines, I stand in applause. If that’s not yet you, keep at it. You get better at blogging and creating content just by the doing. In addition to improving, you’re building content in your online storehouse.

Several years ago, I wrote a post Blogs Posts are Inventory, Blog Sites are Displays

Repurpose your Headlines into Pinterest Posts

These pieces of online inventory build page depth, helping to build findability and credibility. Truth is, your inventory is not confined to your blog. Really, everything you publish along the social media paths you travel is part of your social media inventory.

If you’re good at writing blog post titles, those titles, along with a good photo would make great slides. You can put several together for a SlideShare presentation. Or pin individual slides on Pinterest.

And when it comes to Facebook consider posting the picture first. After uploading the picture, then write a short descriptive and the post title or key phrase along with a shortened URL. You’ll likely get more clicks and shares.

Another way to repurpose your content is to consider reading one of your posts on a video and post it to YouTube or an audio into AudioBoost or Spreaker.

Your blog post titles and key phrases in those blog posts can be repurposed for years. They might someday even make for a good tweet.

You work hard to write, record, and capture the content you post. It’s a valuable part of your online presence. Increase your inventory and findability by repurposing your most valuable content.

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