How to Sell on Pinterest with SellPin

Many of you have been curious on how to sell something on Pinterest or if it was even worth while to set up shop there.  The problem with selling on Pinterst is that although it allows you to put a sell ribbon on your product, it still doesn’t allow you to set up shop or take payments. Well, I stumbled upon a new tool called SellPin. Basically, if you can pin it on Pinterest, you can sell it on SellPin.

SellPin is a buy and sell marketplace similar to Amazon or eBay that allows you to sell tangible goods on Pinterest. What SellPin does is it imports your existing Images/Pins/Pinboards as well as the text descripions under them and then in seconds allows you to put a price on your own images/pins from Pinterest and pin them back into Pinterest for sale. They handle the payment, security and the transaction.

How to Sell on Pinterest Using SellPin

Here’s how it works:

1. You create an account with SellPin

2. You can sell anything you pin.

Sell an item on SellPin

3. It will pull up all of your pins and you simply click the check box next to the item you want to sell.


4. Edit your listing with price, shipping, and tax (if applicable).
SellPin Edit Listing

5.  Then you pin the listing by clicking on PinIt in the lower right hand corner.

SellPin Pin the listing


6. Tell it what board you want to pin it to.

7. Voila! you have an item for sale. When people click on it, they are taken to SellPin and they can buy it.



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